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A shed for your backyard

Adding a shed to your yard is always an ideal solution for adding storage. Several models are available on the market, as well as several materials. When building your shed, it is essential to ensure that your shed matches the exterior style of your property.

Custom Sheds

Thanks to our diversified choices of materials, the custom-made sheds perfectly reflect your tastes or your needs. Contrary to belief, custom sheds can fit any budget. A custom shed project can add value to your property while making it practical and useful for storing your outdoor items.

Examples shed models.

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Weather resistant

The choice of your exterior siding must be durable and comply with Quebec standards. Choose a qualified contractor to install your exterior siding. In terms of lifespan, the materials may vary, but they all aim to protect your shed from the bad weather of the four seasons of Quebec. Rain, wind, ice and snow, the exterior covering of your shed must cope with the North American climate.

Cabanons personnalisés - Construction de cabanons

All types of sizes and materials

Several factors come into play when building your shed; the size, shape, quality of materials, number of accessories and even the addition of decorative accessories. You should take care of your shed like you take care of your home. So, maintain your shed as much as the rest of your landscaping.

Talk to our experts today to learn more about the various possibilities surrounding the design of a custom shed.

The garden shed. Useful and practical for the outdoors, this location allows you to organize your tools. The shed must be built on solid foundations and must have high quality standards to last for many years.

Whether your deck is new or under construction, we can incorporate a shed worthy of desire, you need to add an “e”, eg: I desire…”>your desires into your decor. Terra Patio can build you a shed garden that will enhance your yard.

A damaged or poorly installed siding can be the cause of several damages. For example, if it is installed incorrectly, the coating can allow water to seep into your shed or insects. These many problems can harm your shed. Terra Patio offers shed renovation services in the greater Montreal area, Montreal East, Laval, the North Shore and the Laurentians. Trust our experts to give your shed a new look.

Do you want to change your style or simply refresh the exterior of your home? Terra Patio will easily match your landscaping to your exterior siding. A perfect combination to give a breath of beauty to your home.

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