Synthetic grass


Our synthetic grass is not only 100% natural looking, but it also feels great! Your entire family will love walking, sitting or even laying down in your yard. 

No more cutting grass, or fertilizing, or replacing dead areas in your lawn. Our synthetic grass is completely maintenance free, and just requires a quick spray with water to wash at any time. The water and anything else drains right through to the ground. 

Adding grass to the contour of your pool can look great, but the constant water and chemicals in the water can easily kill the grass. 

Synthetic grass is perfect for this as it’s not only soft, but also wont be affected by the water or chemicals. 

Synthetic grass can be layed around any trees or obstacles on your property. The grass slides next to the item just like natural grass. 

If your home doesn’t get much sunlight because of other homes or a big beautiful tree, the lack of sunshine can take a toll on your lawn. You will never have to worry about shade again with synthetic turf. Your lawn will look healthy, green, and dazzling regardless of the sun or shade.

Water conservation is critical for the environment. Natural lawns require approximately 35,000 gallons of water a year to look healthy and green and usually require watering. That is especially true during the warm and dry months. Besides the occasional spray for dust and other elements, artificial grass does not need water to stay beautiful. To clean the turf, occasionally, you can hose the blades using short bursts of water, and it will only take a few moments of your time. 

Durabilityand security


In terms of safety, outdoor railings are the best solution for securing your property. Around the pool or your patio, railings are essential and now mandatory in most cities in Quebec. We have several materials available to design quality railings.

Trust the safety of your landscaping to the Terra Patio team.

Synthetic Lawns Offer Benefits for the Environment

No other lawns can compare to artificial turf’s appeal and wonderful feeling. In today’s technology, synthetic grass looks more natural than ever before. It will not only make your lawn stunning, but it will also last many years. All of those benefits plus there are environmental benefits! Some ways artificial grass offers advantages to the environment include: