Treated Wood Patios

Treated wood the clear choice

Treated wood is a very popular material for building patios. Indeed, it is highly coveted for its affordable price and for its appearance that does not go out of fashion. Treated wood remains a classic material for the construction of patios and terraces in Quebec. It will give a warm look to your outdoor courtyard.

Treated wood remains one of the best options for respecting the environment.

Indeed, it is recyclable and thanks to its lightness, it can be dismantled and moved according to your needs. This can be very practical in the event of redevelopment of your outdoor courtyard. This type of wood is pressure treated to eliminate the risk of rot. Although it is treated with chemicals, treated wood is a safe material without danger to health. Treated wood is insect and mildew resistant. Treated wood is also ideal for resisting the various weather conditions in Quebec.

Réalisation patio en bois - Terra Patio

How to protect your treated wood patio

It is possible to apply a stain to your treated wood patios. Several colors are available to you for the choice of this dye. Seek the help of an advisor to ensure you are happy with the outcome. It is important that the chosen colors match the exterior of your home and your overall landscaping. Once applied, the stain should be refreshed every three years.

It is also recommended to apply a water repellent to the treated wood to protect it from humidity. Speak with one of our advisors to make sure you get the best protector. If properly maintained, treated wood can last up to 15 years. This is why it is important not to neglect the right choice of products to protect it.

Treated wood offers very good value for money. It is an ideal material for creating your patios, balconies, terraces and outdoor facilities.