Cedar PAtios

Cedar is a high quality wood

Rest assured of having a high quality product by choosing cedar for your patios and landscaping. Cedar is a more expensive type of wood, but it is an investment well worth the cost. Indeed, cedar is very resistant and offers an impressive lifespan of more than 20 years. Cedar wood is a superior quality product. Choosing cedar for your outdoor installations means making sure you have a reliable and resistant material.

Cedar maintenance is very simple. It requires very little handling. It is recommended to clean it with soap and water once a year. It is also possible to apply a stain if you wish. It is important to choose the right stain so that you do not end up with peeling on your patio. Fortunately, the Terra Patio team is there to advise you and provide you with the best products on the market. Our expertise ensures you get the best results and have a product that requires little maintenance.

Red Cedar, Superior quality

Go bold and impress your guests with a red cedar patio. You will be charmed by the vibrant color and quality of this material. This type of wood does not need chemical treatment, it is naturally resistant to rot and insects. Indeed, cedar has natural oils that naturally protect it from external dangers. Highly concentrated in organic matter, red cedar is resistant to the various weather conditions in Quebec. It will withstand the sun’s rays, rain and snow without any problem.

In addition to offering you several sizes of cedar patios, Terra Patio offers you a selection of materials of superior quality to its competitor market. The proven durability of the products used by Terra Patio assures you of confidence in our services. Have peace of mind during your landscaping work by entrusting us with your simplest and most daring projects.