The toughness of paving stones & the warmth of wood

Laying a paving stone worthy of the name is an art! A paving stone must not only fulfill its practical role, but it must also harmonize with the other wood or composite components of your landscaping such as the patio, the terrace, the swimming pool, the pergola or the pavilion.

If it is well thought out, paving stone landscaping can also highlight the surrounding vegetation and make it easier for you to maintain it. In short, unistone unifies your exterior into a balanced, restful and inviting whole.

We have the solution to help you save time and energy in choosing your paving stone: we have experts available to guide you in choosing from among our many choices of materials, colors and shapes. Being able to choose all the elements of your landscaping in the same place will greatly simplify your life!

Cour arrière

& Paving

Terra Patio has several agreements with landscapers, fence installation companies, paving stones and landscaping in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore. These agreements provide us with the expertise of a group renowned for its accomplishments in numerous landscaping projects.

Together, our team has the necessary equipment for excavation, earthworks, paving and asphalting. Trust the expertise of Terra Patio to carry out your landscaping project.

The first stage of a successful project necessarily involves good planning. This is why Terra Patio offers you a team of professionals, architects and technologists who offer you the following services: sketches, plans, 3D simulation, pool and spa installation, in addition to a ” Landstaging” allowing you to enhance the value of your property from what is already established.

Landscape Lighting available

Lighting can become a valuable ally to highlight the beauty of your entire landscaping or of some of its individual elements. Depending on the technique used, it is used for decoration or to create an atmosphere.

Here is a sample of lighting techniques that we can use to illuminate your project:

  • Position lights at different heights, even in a tree;
  • Vary the width of the light beams;
  • And even more.

It is the original character of your entire property that will be enhanced, not just the landscaping. Our designers will be happy to show you the possible choices.