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Save money by choosing artificial grass for your lawn


It’s common for those considering natural lawn alternatives to worry about the budget they’ll need for artificial grass. You will be happy to hear that the long-term savings of artificial grass for your landscape greatly outweigh the installation costs. Working with knowledgeable professionals can ensure you get the most out of your money and enjoy a beautiful lawn for many years to come. The time and money you save on mowing, fertilizing, and massive amounts of water waste are astronomical. Artificial grass is low-maintenance, durable, pet and kid-friendly, and surprisingly cost-effective. The experienced team at Terre Patio is passionate about helping clients achieve the landscape of their dreams. 

Attractive artificial grass lawns provide visual benefits, are easy to maintain, and are hypoallergenic. Allergy sufferers can say goodbye to hay fever symptoms, including runny noses and watery eyes from pollen collecting in the yard. A day outside enjoying your landscape doesn’t have to mean suffering from the effects of irritants and allergies. The team at Terre Patio is here to help you create a stunning landscape that looks healthy and dark green year-round. You will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy life in your vibrant and healthy-looking yard. Continue reading to learn more about the abundance of perks and benefits you will enjoy from artificial turf installation.  

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Artificial Grass Landscaping is Stunning, Improves Property Value, and Provides Countless Other Benefits 
 Neighbors and passers-by will envy your home’s lavish and thick lawn regardless of the time of year. A quality artificial grass landscape adds curb appeal and improves property value. That is especially true when persistent droughts impact the area where you live. Artificial grass installation means having a vibrant green lawn that requires minimal maintenance, money, and water. Fake grass lawns stand out among all the others in the neighborhood and require little upkeep and maintenance. Some of the lasting benefits you will enjoy from installing artificial grass include the following: 

  • Artificial turf saves homeowners money and time on endless hours of back-breaking and expensive lawn care 
  • The grass significantly reduces the water bill 
  • Synthetic landscapes are green in looks, and the planet  
  • A stunning lawn increases curb appeal and property value 
  • The fake grass is amazingly durable
  • Artificial landscapes are kid and pet friendly 

Whether it’s too little or much sunlight, water, or lawn work causing your lawn to look brown and unkempt, synthetic grass is the solution to your problem. Vibrant and long-lasting artificial landscaping allows homeowners to spend weekends enjoying their beautiful landscape rather than spending time and money to maintain it.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, and Saves Water
Choosing artificial grass installation for your landscape means throwing the sprinkler and irrigation systems away. Your lawn will be beautiful all year round, even during the dry months. The days of worrying about water restrictions and outrageous water bills are over. Besides the occasional spray with a hose to remove dust and debris accumulating, you will never have to water it. Not only does saving water mean saving money, but it’s also better for the environment. You and your lawn will be earth-friendly and green. Natural grass clippings commonly end up in the waste bin and eventually a landfill. It’s a significant contributor to the billions of tons of waste ending up at landfills each year. 

Natural lawn upkeep requires mowing, weed whacking, chemical, fertilizing, and more. According to the Princeton Student Climate Initiative, natural lawns benefit the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide, but the disadvantages associated with maintenance and upkeep outweigh the benefits. Gas-powered lawn equipment, synthetic fertilizers, and chemicals have significant carbon costs. 

Natural lawns can be more harmful to the planet than good. Artificial grass provides a stunning landscape year-round without all the detrimental effects of lawn care and maintenance. Not only can you throw away all those hazardous chemicals needed to maintain natural lawns, but you will also cut down on single-use plastics. Pesticides, herbicides, weed-destroying chemicals, and fertilizers come in single-use spray bottles and containers. The adverse effects the need for those items has on the environment come in many forms.  

Synthetic Lawns Have Impressive Life Expectancy 
After installing a synthetic lawn, there will be no need to replace it for ten to 20 years. The property will thrive and look fantastic for years with minor care and regular maintenance. Natural lawns require ongoing lawn care, seeding, watering, and more. Years down the road, the artificial grass will remain as brilliant, green, and healthy looking as the day you install it. Terre Patios’ experienced professionals will ensure they follow the proper installation methods using the highest-quality material fitting your unique lifestyle and needs. 

Artificial Turf is Low Maintenance and Non-Polluting  
Artificial grass is lasting, requires little upkeep, and will keep your lawn beautiful for many years to come. Installing artificial turf on your property provides a healthy-looking landscape year-round without high-cost care and countless hours of maintenance. 

When you think of natural lawns, you probably don’t think of greenhouse gas and damaging the environment. Unfortunately, landscapes with natural grass soak in significant amounts of toxic chemicals from gas, fertilizers, and pesticides. The lawns release massive amounts of nitrous oxide gas into the atmosphere. Artificial grass, on the other hand, completely eliminates the need for harmful chemicals. 

Artificial Lawns are Elegant and Ultra Durable 
Natural lawns can develop brown and unsightly patches, even with constant care and maintenance. When more rain is in the forecast, a yard will grow and look unkempt quickly, and weeds can be almost impossible to control. Weather, rodents, weeds, people, and animals adversely affect the property’s landscape. It doesn’t take much to cause damage or destroy natural lawns. Foot traffic and weather can quickly lead to bare spots, pathways, holes, and ruts. Artificial lawns are prestigious in super green and emerald colors, dense with elegant aesthetics, and have an ultra-soft feel. 

The grass is highly durable and long-lasting. It is also surprisingly resilient. After a bit of fluffing, the grass bounces back upright even after sustaining pressure for extended periods. The durability makes it ideal for recreational areas and patios alike. The turf won’t fade, is stain-resistant, and withstands foot traffic from your family, guests, and pets. You can also say goodbye to those pesky muddy footprints on rainy days.

Artificial Landscapes are Children and Pet Friendly  
Natural lawns cause allergies, attract pests, and absorb dangerous lawn care chemicals. Artificial lawns are a healthy and safe alternative. Protect your kids and furry friends from disease-carrying ticks. Fleas and other unwanted insects cannot live on synthetic grass blades, and the turf doesn’t allow access to the soil for nesting. The grass reduces the quality of the natural habitat unwanted bugs and critters need to thrive. Invasive plants and flowers can quickly take over and attract pests and insects to the area. 

They feed on the plant material and seek to build nests in natural habitats. When you install artificial turf, you reduce food and other attractions unwanted bugs and critters seek. They can’t survive without a food source and will go elsewhere to search for food and a better environment to stay. Artificial lawns benefit humans and pets by significantly reducing immune triggers and irritants during spring’s flowering season and summer months when the pollen count rises. The dazzling landscape will be dig-proof, fluffy, comfortable, and won’t collect water or get muddy. Standing water is not only messy, but it attracts disease-carrying mosquitoes. 

Pooling and stagnant water are necessary for mosquito eggs to hatch into larvae. Before laying the eggs, the mosquito searches for the best location with plenty of moisture and stagnant water. Synthetic lawns do not provide the accommodations unwanted mosquitoes seek. Artificial grass has tiny holes allowing water to drain from the surface and stop water from collecting. 

Artificial Turf is Ideal for Small or Large Spaces 
You can install artificial grass in small gardens or areas that don’t get enough sunlight. Lay it around obstacles such as pools, patios, and trees. The turf is also excellent for large areas and can completely change the look and feel of your landscape, turning it into a soft and fluffy oasis for you and your family. Synthetic turf can brighten and improve any lawn or area; nobody will know the difference. 

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Artificial grass has advanced significantly over the years, and many are catching on to its countless advantages. The team at Terra Patio has extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for helping clients build the awe-inspiring landscape and oasis to enjoy the life and lawn of their dreams. The team will carefully customize While there are more upfront costs to install an artificial lawn, the advantages outweigh the price tag. 

Artificial lawns will save you endless hours of energy, time, and money that a natural landscape requires for upkeep. You and your family will love enjoying the comfort and beauty of a stunning artificial grass landscape without all the outrageous costs and work of lawn care. Call the lawn care professionals and Terre Patio today to schedule an appointment and plan your landscaping vision.